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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 8, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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locally and organic into the picture. we do not know if alice waters has been told but the restaurant manager is here on the scene. san jose police have made an arrest in the murder of a man reported missing two weeks ago. what is bizarre is where any found the body. the man vanished from a senior apartments on february 18. police checked his apartment then but did not find him. the investigation brought them back to the apartment yesterday and that is when and where they discovered his body. he was stabbed. investigators and a close friend wonder how he got there. >> the police came a month ago and they could not find him and now they find him? you cannot overlook a body the. >> he obviously wasn't here. the fact he turned up here again is something we will
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have to put back together like a puzzle. place will only say they are confident they have the right person in the custody for the murder. >> santa cruz begins the slow process of healing after saying goodbye to two police officers killed in the line of duty. thousands gathered for an emotional memorial yesterday. officers, dignitaries and friends and family honored and celebrated the lives of the two santa cruz officers, detective sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler. both remembered as remarkable, she as her dedication as a mother of two young sons. and detective sergeant butch baker left behind a family, and the childhood sweetheart he married and their three children. he was remembered at a detective's detective. a scholarship fund is set up in honor of the officers.
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santa cruz businesses have already committed $125,000. if you would like to make a donation we have a link on our website at under "oh see it on tv." >> panetta said the military may have looked the other way in the face of the troubled former social whose killed the two police officers. he was a guest speaker at the memorial. panetta recently left the pentagon and acknowledged the gunman, goulet, may have fallen through the cracks while serving in the military. >> many of their friends, relatives, buddies, superiors, looked the other way. at some point, somebody pays a price. >> goulet shot sergeant baker and detective butler while they tried to interview him. the sexual assault suspect was later killed in a shoot out with police. >> big homeless sweep in san
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jose at 8:30 a.m. police will clear 100 people from the encampment near the river park. the city gave 72 hour notice of plans to dismantle the camp. any belongings not voluntarily removed will be taken by the city and held in storage for 90 days. the tent city has grown rapidly since caltrain kicked them off state property last month. it is the latest test for the housing department as it wrestles with the homeless problem. >> all charges have been dropped against a redwood city city schoolteacher accused of abusing autistic students, based on statements by classroom aides who said she slapped, kicked and with head food from two five-year-olds. the prosecution agree that there are inconsistencies in the accusations. the charges were dropped for lack of credible evidence. >> this morning, san francisco assembly man will unveil a bill that could kill gun shows at the
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cow palace which sits on state-owned property straddles san francisco and san mateo county line requiring supervisors from both counties to approve any gun show permit. that is almost impossible requirement for show organizers to meet. the last show in january had a record town out coming days after the sandy hook elementary school shootings. >> in san francisco police are searching if a person who fired into a car. the pat jury was -- the passenger was shot in the chest. the driver sped off looking for help and stopped where a parking control agent called 9-1-1. the victim is in his 30's. his wounds are not life threatening. >> in 18 days the toll lanes of the golden gate bridge will be drive through only with though -- no more human toll takers going march 27. the workers have been receiving lay off noticed.
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drivers can pay through fast track or set up a license plate account or zip law and be billed player. you can pre-pay at kiosks around area. we have more on the golden gate bridge tolls on our website. >> the rain may have come and gone where you live but it has left a lasting mark at san jose state university. leaking rain water came through the roof at the event center leading officials to cancel last night's basketball gale. the san jose state spartans and players from the university of texas san antonio where in warmups when the game was suspended and canceled it later. san jose state will close out the regular season tomorrow against texas state. >> the dry and warm for the weekend, right, can we order that up? >> i don't think it is up to us. lisa? >> good morning, to you. we are looking at conditions
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that are clearing around the bay with a little bit of shower activity along the coastline, highway one, and redwood for last but it will shape up. we will see a warming trend over the weekend with temperatures near 70 by the end of the weekend. if you look at the bay bridge we are in the upper 40's and 49 in oakland and mid-40's for half moon bay and santa cruz. we are warmer this morning. we still have a lot of cloud cover left over from yesterday's rain, half an inch picked up around san jose. this morning, the numbers are dropping into the north bay with upper 30's in santa rosa and 37 in napa and 46 in livermore and union city, as well, in the mid 40's. we have temperatures this morning compared to yesterday at four to seven degrees warmer and it sets the stage for a little bit of a warm-up today. we will have that because of the
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sunshine. the real warm up is over the weekend. clouds this morning and sunny and cool this afternoon and the numbers will warm up over the weekend as the low pressure continues to move out of the picket. sue has an update whether the rain has created some traffic troubles on this friday. >> couple of things, good morning, everyone. at the bay bridge, the tolls are light with no issues and traffic is flowing into the city fine but slick roads cause for some issues and we do have pretty good commute out of antioch and we will get a closer look with speeds at the limit as you make your way toward railroad avenue westbound highway 4 to the oakland area we have road work, south 880 from 23rd to high for a few more minutes and 20 more minutes until 5:00 this morning. north 880 from 66 to high, also, road work there in the lanes, as well. christian -- kristen and katie?
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>> we have new information about a deadly lion attack, why the young woman killed probably never saw the big cat coming. >> and a man comes forward for getting the $1 million reward for finding cop killer chris tough
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new this morning, twin brothers from washington state are facing charges in connection to a bay area bank robbery. the 20-year-old twins were arrested after robbing a busy bank on mission boulevard in hayward two days ago. according to our media partner, witnesses reported seeing one enter the bank, waving a gun which was a b.b. gun. bank officials say the robbers stole $700 in cash.
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>> a man carjacked and returned in christopher dorner, filed for reward. dorner took the man's truck, and the camp ranger called 9-1-1 and alerted the sheriff deputies. dorner killed four people later shot himself. sources say a couple who was tied up by dorner but escaped could also file. >> new details this morning about the faith lion attack on a volunteer worker at an animal sanctuary. her neck was broken when the lion first attacked her from behind. abc7 news reporter has more on that story. >> in only an instant, the happy life she led with the big cat she loved, changed, the 24-year-old was cleaning a large enclosure alone and the lion, a male african lion was in a different area. according to the county coroner,
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a gate or door was somehow left open. >> it was my understanding that the cat had just been fed and there was food in the bowl but the cat ignored the food in order to go out and have access to this young lady. >> the lion broke her neck. it happened quickly but the lion tossed around her body for nearly half an hour. that is how long it took for deputies to take down the lion. >> we are a family. we lost two family members. >> she was doing what she loved and she did it with joy every day that she worked here. and he is going to be missed. >> hanson joined the project survival's cat haven team in january. it was supposed to be a six month long internship. she called it her dream job. >> she gave me a tour before i left the next day and threw back, including the lion that killed her. >> state and federal authorities
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are now investigating. officials want do know if the lion was acting strangely before the attack. whether the sanctuary followed proper procedures. >> the lion's body is held in a department of fish and wildlife facility and tests and laboratory work is being done and should be finished in a few days. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> the forest service has a new money saving philosophy, let it burn. after coming in $400 million over budget after last year's fire season they may no longer attack every wildfire. the chief says that the science and expertise has led to more emphasis on managed burns. critics is argued that the agency wasted money and endangered firefighters by battling fires in remote areas that posed little or no danger. >> we have a wet season that postponed the start of the fire season. it hasn't been that wet but we
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have had a little bit in the last 24 hours. >> yesterday we picked up some along the south bay but we saw some hazy sunshine around the bay although it was cool and today we are following sue with some pretty cool conditions. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd where we are taking a look south, south of martins beach where we have little bit of activity around highway one, but, other than that, we are seeing partly cloudy conditions in the north bay and temperatures are cool with a look at the bay bridge, you are dry in the east bay, the numbers are in the upper 40's, it is 46 in san jose, you picked up .5" with this little rain event the past two days and half moon bay is 45 and santa cruz is 45 and 47 downtown. another look outside, it looks dry here and that is the south bay and we are looking at numbers from the upper 30's in santa rosa to napa at 11 and 46 in livermore and union city and gilroy. we are talking about more sunshine around the bay, not
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doing much to warm us up yet but we will have plenty of sunny skies by early morning so partly cloudy to start. if you rise early, sunny and cool with the warming trend getting underway, a little bit tomorrow but we will touch near 70 in our warmest locations by sunday. areas of low pressure, you can see it is skirting the coastline yesterday and it conditions to sink south into southern california taking most of the shower activity with it, but we will be looking at a few left over clouds around the bay. in fact, today, with some sun, we are warming up in the mid-60's in sacramento. if you headed up to the sierra nevadas, snow showers with numbers in the upper 30's, 40 today and 50 on sunday. back home, 61 in concord and 59 in morgan hill, and a look ahead, remember, we spring forward over the weekend so we lose an hour of sleep.
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the weather is going to be nice. it looks dry and pleasant and mostly through next week. sue? >> on the way to berkeley at 80 westbound the drive beyond golden gate field merging with 580 university avenue into the macarthur maze it is looking good on this friday morning, so far, so good, at the limit. we do have a situation in san jose that is a new accident just reported north 880 with a car east road waiting for a tow truck to arrive and the commute from the central valley, it is looking good and it is at the limit, westbound, 580, all the way to the dublin/pleasanton interchange. >> big news from the vatican, new this morning, they say cardinals will vote today on when to hold a conclave to elect the next pope. the date is expected to be announced around 10:00 a.m. our time, so that is this morning, after the cardinals meet in the afternoon session. moments ago the vatican said it is likely the conclave will start on monday, tuesday, or
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wednesday of next week. the last cardinal would will participate in the election process arrived yesterday. cardinals have been discussing the problems of the church, getting to know one another better, and finding out who among them has the best qualities to be the next pope. >> happening now a state funeral for chavez will be underway in venezuela this morning with 33 heads of government scheduled to attend. meanwhile, the nation's acting president says chavez body will be permanently on display in a museum so everyone can see him. he will lie in state for another seven days. he died tuesday after a two career battle with cancer. >> police in south africa say that the former detective in the murder case against olympic athlete oscar pistorius has resigned now from the police force. the decision by the detective botha to quit followed criticism for the bungling of the
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investigation into the shooting of oscar pistorius of his girlfriend. he faced attempted murder charges for a 2011 case where he fired at a vehicle. oscar pistorius was released on bail following a week-long hearing two weeks ago. >> sailors rushed to help in the wake of the massive earthquake and now one is sue the japanese government. we will tell you why. >> the somber service today at arlington national cemetery to put two sailors to rest more than 150 years a
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>> a sailor is suing japan after the disaster and will be in san francisco to talk about the days. she was station oned abortion the uss ronald reagan when it was sent to the region to aid victims of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami and says the fumes
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from the damaged nuclear power plants spewed into the air and they carried radioactive debris on to the deck of the aircraft carrier where more than 5,000 sailors were on board. she says she and at least eight other sailors are now sick from symptoms of radiation poisoning. the lawsuit seeks $30 million in damage and $100 million fund set up for any sailor who becomes sick in the future. >> fremont teachers have declared a year long contract talks with the school district at appear gas. that opens the door for state authorities to step in. the contract expired last june and the two sides are far apart on class size and teacher salary cuts because of 12 unpaid furlough days. the "contra costa times" reports that the public employment relations board will step in. the board can order talks or bring in a mediator. they plan to stage a protest next wednesday outside the district offices. >> a random bag search at oakland has turned into a big
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drug bust. t.s.a. agents discovered 60 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $300,000. we have pictures of the pot, police arrested one person on charges of possession and transportation of an illegal substance. you are about to see what happens when the brakes fail and you are packed on a steep hill. this truck started to roll down the hill and it smashed into a home leaving a giant hole on the sidewalk and did a number on the front-end of the truck. the owner of the truck was doing construction work on the or side of the sheet and that is why they always say, turn your wheels to the cut. >> and you can get a ticket if you don't.
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>> and now turning it over to lisa for a check of the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, this morning, we are looking at a few left over showers along the coast with the main activity sinking into southern california. you can leave the umbrella at home and grab the jacket. it is cool. the bay bridge this morning shows numbers in the upper 40's and we are up to five- to seven-degrees warmer around the bay. we are looking at temperatures today to still be cool the second half of the state but around the northern part of the state we will see more sunshine. i will detail the forecast for the rest of the afternoon and the weekend coming up. sue? >> good morning, everyone, happy friday. we are hoping for friday lite on the roadways and we will see. to the san mateo bridge the tail lights headed westbound to foster city and san mateo on the flat section you are looking at
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a nice drive probably around 14 or 15 minutes between hayward and the peninsula. in san jose, we still have this accident, a car hit the embanment north 880, and it is off the roadway so they are waiting for a tow truck there and otherwise it looks like just road work to oakland, we have southbound 880, lanes are blocked from 23rd to high for a few more minutes and it will pick up, and, northbound, as well, you will find traffic from 66 to high street. >> daly city schools will make free condoms do more students to stop unwanted pregnancies but the condemn program is a pilot project at only one school and it did help reduce the number of std's and pregnancies at one while. students are first required to take a health education class and they must see a counselor before they can receive the free ron democrats. >> berkeley mayor is looking to
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rally fellow mayors to save post offices of the 100-year-old civic center post office is on the "shut down" list. the mayor wants to build a coalition of 50 mayors whose post offices are facing foreclosures or closures and wants to pressure congress to drop a requirement forcing the postal service to prefund 75 years of worker pension benefits say that is the reason the postal service is in financial trouble. >> two men who sacrificed their lives during the civil war are being honored this morning in a unique ceremony. they are laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. their remains were flown to washington, yesterday in a somber ceremony. naval honor guards escorted the bodies to arlington for the barrier. they were discovered in the uss monitor tourrett in 2002 off the north carolina. today is the 151st anniversary of the battle where the monitor
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sailors played a your role. >> we following breaking news in the east bay where a fire broke out overnight at a landmark restaurant and the battle the
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>> in berkeley, landmark restaurant, chez panisse caught fire. our news reporter is live on the scene. kira klapper, what do you have to report? >> cease committee caught fire -- chez panisse caught fire early this morning. the world renowned chez panisse
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indicate fire here in berkeley this morning. we have video from two hours ago. crews arrived on the scene and found the fire starts outside and quickly spread to the second floor. the kitchen, though, is in the rear of the building so it is mysterious as to what started the fire the no one was here at the time. firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading to next door businesses. they are actually touching the restaurant. crews told abc7 news this morning. >> at this point, it appears to be an exterior fire that was working its way on the interior. our fire investigators arrived on the scene and said they would do a further investigation and it will be, they will be able to determine if it was completely on the exterior or some other cause. >> many questions remain, the investigation, of course, is in the early stages here at alice waters restaurant. since 1991 it
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